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Proclaim the Lord Jesus Christ as your one and only Savior. Not Mary, not Buddha, not Mohammad.

J E S U S!

Luke 6
19 and the people all tried to touch him, because power was coming from him and healing them all.
  20 Looking at his disciples, he said:
   "Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of God. 21 Blessed are you who hunger now,
       for you will be satisfied. Blessed are you who weep now, for you will laugh.

Many people think that just by going to church, doing the due, paying the tithe, sitting on pews, singing the songs, they are SAVED, and that they are going to HEAVEN. BUT! Unless you have MADE the transition, you have ASKED JESUS to FORGIVE YOUR SINS and place your TRUST in HIM ALONE to save you, you may as well be preparing your place in HELL because that's where you're going! "GASP! CHRISTIANS going to HELL?!" Why certainly! You see, the Holy Spirit knows whose are His, and enters and CHANGES those lives who have placed their trust in Him.

I think the church in America is doomed if we don't realize that WE NEED TO BE CHRISTLIKE ONCE AGAIN! We can't be the ones that sit in our church pews while the homeless beg for money and work on the streetcorner, or when they ask for a place to sleep, we say "you can sleep in the parking lot". WHERE'S the COMPASSION?? If you're REALLY a TRUE Christian, there shouldn't be a need to ASK you, it should be SHOWING and OBVIOUS. Obviously the new Episocopal Bishop is NOT.

GREAT new artist out in the Christian music world now, his name is Warren Barfield. I'm absolutely certain he's never heard of me, but you can go to his website at

Following our successful "regime change" in Iraq, I feel we should go after both Iran and Syria next, after all, they ARE terrorists and on the watchlists and the Axis of Evil. Oh, and don't let yourself be fooled. This is a battle against the evils of Islam, not simply "Iranian Freedom". Just food for thought. Scroll down.


My theories on the Middle East "Road Map"

I believe that this will ultimately fail, but it may be successful at first... I believe that there is a strong possibility that OUT of this AS it fails could come the Antichrist, that lawless one from a Revived Roman Empire mentioned in Daniel, to come out and get "REAL" peace between Israel and the world. Followers of End Times Pre-Trib theology know that that will be the beginning of the end. For me, it gives me great HOPE, that our redemption draws near.


Followup to Muhammad from last week
Well you knew something like this would happen...
People just love to hate, know what I mean? In this article we see people saying "OH! They said our spiritual father is a terrorist.... Blasphemy!! ... KILL them!!"
Wait a minute...IF  Islam is  a peace loving religion, I would expect the OPPOSITE reaction, or a reaction similar to the reporters last week, "Well, everyone's free to their bigoted opinion"...but in fact, by their ACTIONS, they prove their hearts intents.

A LOVING reaction would be to quietly disagree and want to have a dialogue, and if a Christian, would pray for them to understand --- not beat them into submission or understanding with a wooden stick!


In this coming Sunday's broadcast of 60 Minutes, Jerry Falwell is interviewed on his position regarding the Evangelical Christian support of the nation of Israel. He is also quoted, Yahoo News story as saying Mohammed was a terrorist.

I wholeheartedly agree, he certainly was! It is certainly evidenced in modern day news, in Israel, in the 9/11 attacks, etc., etc.  If Islam was truly a religion of peace, why are thousands of Muslims suffering due to their own persecution of women, christians, and having suicide bombers attack Israel and now the US?
It is time to wake up, America, and get out of the spiritual slump. Islam is not our friend, their is only one way to God, and that is not through Mohammed, but through God's SON, Jesus.

This just in, also from Yahoo News (World section) that the European Union (originally 10 revived
Roman Empire states) will accept 8 MORE countries to their ranks in the EU, in 2004, with Romania and Bulgaria as 2 additional countries for a total of 10, joining in 2007. Just a few steps closer to a unified world goverment...which as any good Christian should know (as a watcher on the wall) the Antichrist will eventually be in control of.

Speaking of which...

A friend of mine has insisted to me that he has no need to read the Left Behind books or have any part of prophecy of End Times discussion. How folly that advice is! First, we are to be wise as serpents and innocent as doves. Second, we are to be watchers of the wall, to alert the people when someone or something is coming. In this instance, we are to be watching the leaders of the world, and looking for Christ's coming, looking for the signs! God chastised the foolish virgins who did not keep their lamps filled with oil to see his coming, let's not be like those! Not only so, but 30% of the Bible is devoted to the Last Days and Prophecy. Are we just to throw it all away and ignore it? Apparently so, according to many pastors nowadays...


   In my last rant, I discussed that I had run out of time to make personal comments, as it affected my working conditions. This is no longer the case, so I am free to say what I a way.

   I have been reminded that we are not our own, that we were bought with a price. Jesus instructed that if something in our bodies causes us to sin, that we should "cut it off, and throw it away" as the above verse applies. I think Christ was speaking metaphorically, and possibly about our church bodies as well. I will be the first to tell you I am NOT a trained theologian, nor have I attended cemetery school (seminary). However, I have grown up in the christian church, where I feel more damage was done than if I had grown up in the secular schools. Certainly I feel I would have been safer. Anyway, my point is, I have gone through the most Phariseeical churches this land must offer, I have watched countless shows on TBN and other channels that have no business proclaiming they are christian or that their ministry is "God's ministry" when in fact it is their business. Somehow I managed to still find the REAL Christ, not the tv Christ, and did not end up "Twice the son of Satan" as Jesus said of the Pharisees. I love Jesus with all my heart. He is my Lord and Savior, and I want to be with him constantly. However I believe he has set it upon my heart to counter the Pharisee spirit that is in the world today, and worstly -- the Christian Church.

  One thing I have been gently reprimanded by the Lord is by judging a little too harshly.
I will not say I am perfect -- far from it! however I was judging a little too harshly, instead of saying good things about people for a more balanced report I was reporting only the negative, and for this I truly apologize. I pledge from now on to be more fair-minded in my reporting.

I read the other day, from a past issue of Our Daily Bread from July 24th, 2002. If you have this copy, you can turn to that page and read what it says, I will paraphrase it for you now (so as hopefully not to anger the copyright guardians).

"A Powerful Lesson" (paraphrased)
Ephesians 1:15-21
In 1892, John Hyde went from New York to India, with his goal to proclaim the Gospel to the Indians and people who had never heard of Jesus. He earned the nickname "praying Hyde" during the next 20 years for his many hours of prayer for the salvation of others and for revival in Christians there.
Once, praying Hyde was upset about the cold heart of a pastor, so he began to pray "Oh Father, you know how cold --" but he could not say the man's name! Hyde was horrified when he realized he had judged him too harshly, and confessed his critical sin. Later, after his confession, Hyde learned that this man was later revitalized at this same time.

Let's follow Paul's example of focusing on God and what he has done, and especially what he can do in the lives of others! I know I am trying my best to. I will say, it's not easy being human and being christian!

Let's pray FOR our people, not against them!

That said, there are still many many things in our country that need to be changed and or fixed.
Let me start with Please boycott this service until they remove all material related to endorsing pedophile behavior and that it is "misunderstood" and that it can be "a good relationship and good for the children". That is SO sick and perverted they should immediately be burned at a stake and thrown into Hell. Mark 9 vs 42 NKJV says,
"But Whoever causes one of these little ones who Believes in Me to stumble, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea."

I can tell you, as a formerly abused child, that is a light sentence indeed! This is not a time for religious "tolerance", this is a time for swift and appropriate action against these terrorists of the mind, body and soul.

And also, Romans 12:2 says
"Do not be conformed to this world, but be TRANSFORMED by the renewing of your mind."

Let us pray for our nation, but not only pray. Take action! DO something! The old phrase, "Don't just stand there, DO SOMETHING!" SCREAMS out at us as Christians, NOT to stand idly by!

Until next time, God bless and see you in the air if Christ comes first!