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With “Matt Floorman”

(names have been changed to protect identity)

Letters to the editor :

Rants from an on fire Christian about our supposed Christian lives, in a frank an sincere manner.

Pew warmers, legalists, fakes frauds and moneylovers beware!






This first weeks edition will be called

“Oh to those who care”

This is my first column, so I don’t want to scare anyone off, yet I want to let people know just how ticked off I am about all that’s going on in our supposed Christian world. For example, I see SOOOO much crap on TBN that I want to vomit. Not all of it is bad, but I see preachers grubbing for money without a hint of humility. Where does all that money go? To feed the poor, clothe the naked? HA! It lines their pockets or their expensive gadgets. I see a mainstream minister who people are worshipping, instead of God. I see people going to get healed by this PERSON (I'm sure you know who I refer to) instead of the true God. It sickens me.

This site is brand new and still being developed. Please bear with me!

--- 9-3-2001 ---

"Christians (real ones that is) DO care about Israel!"

I read Drybones on a regular basis. If you've never read it, it's a good read, and you can find it at The Jerusalem Post Newspaper : Online News From Israel - DryBones Index

Today I read it from several days back.. What upset me a bit was the cartoon from Aug 30th,

Indicating that we as Christians, don't care, and that we don't speak out.

It's far PASTtime to speak out.

I for one, support Israel's policy of assasinating the terrorists before they can strike. This Racism Conference stinks to high Heaven, with racists (Arafat) calling Israel racists for defending itself! People of Israel, if I personally can help you, please let me know how.

Pray for the peace of Israel! We are commanded by our Lord God to do just this, yet do we? Or do we just sit on our comfy sofas and drink our beers and wines? WAKE UP, CHURCH!