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This weeks edition has been scrapped due to terrorist attacks on American Soil.

(Last week's topics are in the Archives)

--- 9-11-2001 ---


As of this writing, it is 9:06am, PST. I've been woken up a half hour ago to find that America has been attacked by Terrorists. This is a time to not take anything lightly. I do not take it lightly. Reports are still coming in, "Who did this?"

Osama Bin Laden is the key suspect in this series of attacks.

The enormity of this attack hits me. Not that a plane flew into the World Trade Center, but TWO planes. The buildings subsequently collapsed. The designer was shocked that the buildings collapsed. 34647.html

I'll have more news as it is reported, let us have a moment of silence for the 6,600+ lives that have been lost in those towers today, for the families of those involved in the crashes, the airplanes, the passengers, the pilots, and those in the buildings, as well as at the other sites, the Pentagon and Pennsylvania.

Let us not give in to a spirit of Fear or Hate and Retaliation in this. Let Justice prevail. I'm not saying "Let's not be at war", hear me on this, we will punish the people responsible for this crime.

``We will make no distinction between the terrorists who committed these acts and those who harbored them.''

U.S. President George W. Bush

I have some interesting questions to pose to the American public ...

We've been attacked, that is obvious, Now that the two main targets in NY have been taken out, which targets remain? The White House for certain, what else? How do we prevent future and further terrorist activity in America? How did this happen in the first place? HOW did FOUR airplanes get hijacked at the SAME time? How did these terrorists get apst airport security, what weapons did they use or coersion, to take over planes or cockpits? How does a plane crashing into a building trigger it's destruction? How could a building collapse so suddenly? Were there bombs in the World Trade Center, and if so, what kind of treason does that speak of? I thought the World Trade Center was well guarded? Has America been caught with it's pants down?

Maddeningly, we may never know what happened in the cockpits, from the blackboxes, due to the rubble around the towers, but I hope some of these questions can be answered soon.

I will have an official commentary later on the spiritual ramifications of today's events.


I pledge allegiance to the flag, of the United States of America, and to the Republic, for which it stands : One Nation, under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All.

This famous pledge is a founding motto that was placed in our very hearts, in our schools, in our workplaces, and in our government. Today we still stand, divided in theology, but still united in the creed that we ARE a nation. We ARE under God's rule, whether we like it or not.

Yesterday, God has shown us that He has removed His hand of Protection, I believe to let us see just a small portion of just WHAT will happen WITHOUT His Protection. God will always love us, there is no doubt in my mind of that. Indeed, the Scriptures quote in Romans 8 that nothing, neither height nor depth, ..nor anything can separate us from the Love of God that is in Christ Jesus.

God is showing us that we need Him. He is showing us that in the national tragedy, He is still there, and He wants us to run to Him. He doesn't want us to rely solely on ourselves, and be the selfish nation that we have been. We need to rely on Him for Protection from the evil one.


God did not cause this tragedy. It is obvious that He let it happen, and I believe that out of it. a lot of spiritual good will happen, and has already started to happen. I believe a lot of people, if they are taught right from wrong out of this, will come to know Christ as their personal, loving Savior. Those whose hearts are hardened will start or continue to hate Him though.

I don't want to condemn people in this, but I want to carefully point out a few things. We've been attacked by a power , presumably Osama Bin Laden, also presumably Islamic terrorists.. The differences in this battle between Good and evil are disclosed here... We did not seek out an attack, we were attacked presumably by Islamist terrorists who wage a "Holy war from God" or "Islamic Jihad". Christians (true ones anyway) live a life of peace and love towards their fellow men/women. Jesus commanded us to "Love your enemy"

Why we've been attacked

Let's look at who God must be. Holy means to set apart, pure. If God is Holy, he is a God of Love, a God of Justice. What I see in Islamic Jihad is a people filled with hate, being told that our nation, as a Christian nation, somehow is evil and "the Big Satan" because we are a Christian founded nation, our base religion/creed opposes theirs, and because we support their enemy, Israel, as Allies, it is reason enough to do their best to blow us all to smithereens. (All this was on CNN yesterday--save the Christian bit of course) . Except in Northern Ireland, you don't see Christians routinely bombing planes, or throwing bombs at little girls (those pigs should rot in hell) but I'm getting off DO see Islamist terrorists doing these things. There is a difference ebtween the true God and the false god "Allah". His name (God's) is "I AM" ..."I AM the LORD YOUR GOD." <double whammy > "I AM" means to be whatever He has to be, whatever he has to do to get your attention, to be YOUR God. He has already finished His Saving Grace in Jesus the Christ, His Only Son. His ministry is of Love, not hate.

Let us focus on God, and not ourselves. Let us pray for our nation, that we be humbled before Him, repent of our sins, and ask that He heal our land and our hearts. NOW is the time of Favor. NOW is the time of repentance. NOW is the accepted day of the Lord.

One Good Thing,...

Hollywood at last is acting sensibly. Hollywood is pulling together and replacing some old and new features, which feature(d) movies and tv shows with terrorist plots, exploding buildings, and the like. I applaud this move! Let's tell Hollywood we applaud their decision for once, and urge them to stop the glamorization of the violence.

--- 9-10-2001 ---

"Some notes about last week"

Wow, what a week. I covered a lot of subjects in one week that I was thinking I was going to cover over several, it just kinda kept happening as I kept reading the news. So I'm a little drained at the moment,...and it's late as I write this. Things have stabilized--SOMEWHAT-- , and the fact that I have taken the weekend off until now. =)

I wanted to state that I have not yet read the full article on the Trinity at Mr Raggio's website. From the gist I got from the article of his I posted, I disagree on his views of the Trinity, but have been too busy to read them. I do however agree with his views on Catholicism, and still do. I had them before I read his article and decided to post it. There's also a book out, you can find it at CHICK.COM that details how the Catholic church sponsored the Nazi era and World War 2. Read this one for yourself. I may come back and edit this page, hehe. I believe that There is God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, 3 in 1. That's all there is to it, don't need to get any deeper to just simply BELIEVE. God the Father created all things, Jesus his ONE and ONLY son was begotten by the Holy Spirit, (whom even King David pleaded "Take not your Holy Spirit from me")... I am afraid I have to refute the great moneygrubber Benny Hinn, who claims Jesus made the world? Umm...hehe, I think he's CLOSE....Jesus' dad. =) But that's my understanding anyway.

Things in Israel are heating up again. Has anyone noticed the patern? I sure have. "Suicide bomber -- followed by Israeli retaliation -- followed by shooting -- followed by more retaliation -- followed by another suicide bombing or bomb attack -- try to restart peace accords -- repeat." But we haven't had them THIS often even in the last 11 months I don't think. Oddly though, not as many people are getting killed/hurt as in the first 3 months or so. For more info, click on the link to the left for the most reliable info about Israel. American newsmedia are so biased it's not funny.


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