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This first weeks edition will be called

“Oh to those who care”

This is my first column, so I don’t want to scare anyone off, yet I want to let people know just how ticked off I am about all that’s going on in our supposed Christian world. For example, I see SOOOO much crap on TBN that I want to vomit. Not all of it is bad, but I see preachers grubbing for money without a hint of humility. Where does all that money go? To feed the poor, clothe the naked? HA! It lines their pockets or their expensive gadgets. I see a mainstream minister who people are worshipping, instead of God. I see people going to get healed by this PERSON (I'm sure you know who I refer to) instead of the true God. It sickens me.

This site is brand new and still being developed. Please bear with me!

--- 9-3-2001 ---

"Christians (real ones that is) DO care about Israel!"

I read Drybones on a regular basis. If you've never read it, it's a good read, and you can find it at The Jerusalem Post Newspaper : Online News From Israel - DryBones Index

Today I read it from several days back.. What upset me a bit was the cartoon from Aug 30th,

Indicating that we as Christians, don't care, and that we don't speak out. Not so much at the AUTHOR, but by the fact that he is RIGHT! We don't speak out, and we SHOULD!

It's far PASTtime to speak out.

I for one, support Israel's policy of assasinating the terrorists before they can strike. Mufasa was a terrorist. Is Arafat next? What about Osama Bin Laden?

This Racism Conference stinks to high Heaven, with racists (Arafat) calling Israel racists for defending itself! People of Israel, be encouraged, those of us who truly love God are praying for you. Pray for the peace of Israel! We are commanded by our Lord God to do just this, yet do we? Or do we just sit on our comfy sofas and drink our beers and wines? WAKE UP, CHURCH!



(CNN, TIME., NBC, CBS, ABC, etc...)

I'd like to draw your attention to your reporting that the Theory of Evolution has been disproven. Please refrain from continuing to report Evolution as fact - it is a THEORY. ALL major scientists agree that even the great Theory of Evolution has so many holes in it, it is implausible to believe. So please. Follow journalistic integrity. Report the Truth, not your tabloid journalism fiction.

--- 9-4-2001 ---

"Is this STUPID or WHAT?!?!"

This is JUST in...1 hour old. (Current time is 10:50pm, PST on late Monday night, 9-3-2001)

Another suicide bomber has struck in Jerusalem, it happened about one hour ago.

What I can't understand from these idiots, is why they think they're going to Heaven? Don't they realize that what they're doing is not only first of all murdering themselves, but attempting to murder other people in a selfish and sssssssstupid act. The moral laws of almost ALL countries and what has been written on our hearts is DO NOT MURDER. It started in the Bible, and I believe was later inserted into our consciences. So you have someone who blows himself up, meets God face to face for his Judgement, God says "Why did you kill those people?" The guy says, "For Allah!" God answers, "I AM Allah, The Lord GOD Almighty, The Great I AM, and you have harmed my chosen people! Away from me, I never knew you!" ...and off to Hell he goes.

Yet they attempt to do it OVER and OVER and OVER again...Don't they ever get the idea? After 50+ years of being there, and revolts, uprisings, especially this last 11 months, God has proven his protection over Israel, and will continue to do so. It's THEIR land, GOD gave it to them, they're not leaving. Nor will they be destroyed, as promised by God.

The next great event I am looking for is the prophecy of Ezekiel 38 being fuliflled. That is where nations gather up to utterly destroy Israel (please make note that this is NOT the battle of Armageddon that I am talking about). I look for this in great anticipation, for God to show His power in great Glory, that He IS the Living God, the Protector if Israel. I hope to see many won for the Lord after this event, and am looking for the signs of it's happening. Look what Sharon has been doing to the terrorists already. The PFLP leader was killed last week, and they are now saying Arafat himself may be targeted next. Arafat recently went on a worldwide tour trying to gather up support for Palestine, no doubt trying to get military ties too. It's obvious in the last few days what he has done at the UN Racism Conference. IF Arafat IS targeted (which I don't think he will be) and taken out, would that be immediate war? Sustained war? Sharon is thinking of retaking the lands given in the 1993 peace accords.....

That's all for now.. a lot to think about.


--- 9-5-2001 ---

"Kill them so my life can be better"

Stem Cell Research. Another slap in God's face.

Today it was announced that scientist's have produced blood cells with stem cells.

"Big Deal" you're probably saying. And yes, (thankfully) it's a long way to go until significant progress is made towards discovering any cures. Until that day we have a total of 60 already decided cells. What price do we have to pay for these cures, IF they ever come in the first place? The lives of at least 60, probably many more, human beings, who would have developed into full human beings. This whole debate of stem cell research/human cloning for the benefits that "oh they're just copies" and to use them as spare parts, reminds me of the experiments NAZI scientists did on people during World War 2, in which they drained men of their blood and replaced it with HORSE BLOOD to see how long it would take them to die. Is this what we are left with today? Scientists that care so little about human life in any form that they would take it at the most innocent stage? Seriously. Basically what they are doing is taking the nucleus of the cells, putting it in a blender and then try to reassemble it. Then, to ease their consciences, if any, they say "Oh we MIGHT be able to cure many diseases with this research, but we never know if we don't try!".

What cure is worth the life of another person? What if you could choose who to die to cure you? Would it be your friend, your neighbor...or your prime choice, someone you don't know, in another country. That's the easy way, you don't have to think about that. But let's take it a little closer to home. Your neighbor has cancer. He can be cured, but your newborn daughter will have to be killed for him to live. He's 75, she's 7 days old. Who deserves more chance to live? Who should live, and who should die?

WE as true CHRISTIANS.. those who have been changed by Christ's redemptive power, who have experienced His Love and forgiveness, and share God's love with others, for this is real Christianity, anything else is a fraud.. WE should be standing up against this evil! I don't claim to speak for God but I would believe He is asking us "How long will you tolerate this evil? How long before you force My Hand into judgement for these atrocities?"

Are we better than Sodom and Gomorrah?

--- 9-6-2001 ---

"Is your church On FIRE? or Burning?"

This is going to be my most difficult article to write, because it is going to offend most of America.

It's been my EXPERIENCE for the last few years, since 1995, that I personally have witnessed our churches dying. (What I am writing here tonight is from my own personal experience, but there will be another part to this later. )I can literally say this because I have the experience 1: as someone who has gone through pain, suffering and turmoil on behalf of the church and people IN the church, and 2: I have remained strong and yet still grown in the Lord because of it.

In 1995 I spent 3 months living in my car, on the church parking lot of the church where I was a member of. Our Associate Pastor's front door was 30 feet from where I parked my car. Not once did he, nor anyone come check on me, ask me inside, offer to help me with food, offer to help me out with housing. I thought of suicide many times and had even written a letter, and planned to starve myself. My father would not take me in. My mother at first would not help either (both parents divorced long ago), but after 3 months, decided to help me out, since I was now working, and trying to get my former bills paid off. When I went back to the new pastor, I told all that had happened, how the church ignored me, and what was going to be done about it?


I left not long after that, cold and bitter. My father had left me to "Tough Love", which I now know is not love at all, but a meager excuse for "I don't want to bother trying". It's also a lie from the synagogue of Satan. If you've bought into doling out Tough Love, I hope you repent before Your Lord tonight. You might be saving a life other than your own. I want you to understand. I love EVERYONE I'm talking about, but I REALLY HATE what's been done to me, and others. I'm one who will stand up to others now, because I was bullied, and I can't stand bullies. Unfortunately, the christian church as a whole is a great big bully that's asleep right now, and needs to wake up.

Recently I attended a Vineyard church in a metropolitan city in Oregon. Now, I like the Vineyard denomination, and I still attend one where I live. So I won't say their name or WHICH city, ( I moved) to save from embarassing them, but I will say I did not receive the Love of the Lord there. Nor did I receive Grace and Compassion while I was there for the short period. What I did receive {parents, cover your children's eyes here} was "God wants you to stop being a pu--y" from one of the elder/deacons after coming up for prayer. Gee, what a nice message!

I did go back one more time, to give them a last chance. Before I left, I brought the issue up with THEIR associate pastor. Nothing. Once again I met with the Pastor of the church. Nothing. My last straw was a Sunday when the Associate pastor got up and said all our churches should be one, and that the OLD church in the Apostles time was all one and we shouldn't have to worry about all the differences ..that we should tolerate the idol worship, the prayers to men, the comradery of all those trying to find the ways to God. I walked out. It's one thing for the church, and I mean, the true, LIVING church that believes in Jesus as the Christ, the Only Begotten Son of God, Savior of us all, as one, which we truly are. But what he was talking about was some Catholic goo goo gaga. He had, after all, just graduated from a Catholic Seminary. You'll find out why I condemn Catholicism later. (Yes I realize there are saved Christians in the Catholic church but they are few and far between. IF I am wrong, prove it to me.)

Ok, now onto my second part of WHY the church is dying.

Everywhere I look I see churches NOT HELPING, NOT LOVING, NOT CARING, NOT BEING COMPASSIONATE TO OTHERS OR EVEN THEMSELVES. That is what the church is SUPPOSED to do, we are supposed to be a LIGHT to the world, not a shadow in the darkness. More often than I care, I hear the basic attitude of the church as "We're too poor to help out" or "Don't bother us, we're hiding" or "We're not that kind of church".

I'm going to get to my bottom line here: here is my challenge

Can you say, aloud and/or to someone else, "I am a person who has been changed by God, redeemed by His Son's Blood. My sins have been washed away. Now, according to Jesus commandments, I will Love the Lord with all my heart, all my soul, and all my mind. According to Jesus' second command, I will also love others as I love Him." ?

Think about that for a moment. ALL your heart.... ALL your soul ... ALL your mind. Are you REALLY willing to give it ALL up to Him? Jesus warned about the lukewarm believer, who he was baout to spew out of his mouth. This one was one who wanted to believe, but loved to hold onto his old life too. You cannot serve both money and God -- You cannot have two masters. You will love one and hate the other.

That's all until tomorrow. Peace, Grace and Love from our Father. Amen.

--- 9-7-2001 ---

"Catholic Vs Protestant Vs God"

As part two of last nights column, I bring a short criticism of the North Ireland "Peace" talks. What I can't understand, is that these people, who claim to be Christians, are acting the same way as Palestinian suicide bombers! It is immoral and reprehensible! Yet these people, Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland, who throw rocks and BOMBS at little school children, CLAIM to be followers of Jesus Christ.. Changed people indeed! Actually it shows they've not been transformed by God's Forgiveness in the first place -- those who HAVE been transformed don't do that kind of nonsense. They should be highly ashamed of themselves, especially for calling themselves believers. Of course, "You should be ashamed of yourself!" is not going to stop them from hurling the next lobby into the street. So what do we do about this? I think they should be thrown into a war crimes tribunal. Crack down on them like Israel has been with the Palestinian terrorists, except without the missiles. We CAN do away with this type of violence.


The following is from an email I received, from the Falwell Confidential. My views do not necessarily reflect his own, and I'm sure he's never heard of me. =)




If the American Civil Liberties Union gets its way, the state of Virginia will be required to halt its moment of silence law because kids just might be praying.  And we sure can't have that! A Virginia law requiring schools to set aside one minute at the beginning of each day for students to engage in meditation, prayer or other silent activity, has now been taken to the highest court in the land.  That's right.  The ACLU is so consumed with halting independent thought in Virginia schools that they are dispatching their lawyers to the U.S. Supreme Court to halt the law. Immediately after the moment of silence law was passed last year, seven Virginia families, along with the ACLU, filed suit in a federal district court asking that the minute of silence law be declared unconstitutional on grounds that it violated religious freedom. The ACLU lost its case in district court last fall and lost again, in a federal appeals court, in July.  Undaunted, the ACLU will now attempt to convince the U.S. Supreme Court that a moment of silence is an implicit promotion of religion.  ACLU lawyers charge that the law promotes a "state-sanctioned prayer in public schools." The ACLU believes the Virginia law is vulnerable.  While both the U.S. District Court in Alexandria and the U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond have upheld the Virginia moment of silence, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a similar Alabama minute of silence law in the early 1980s. "The minute of silence law is especially unfair for students whose religion does not allow for them to pray in public or whose prayer practices require an environment not available in a school setting," said ACLU of Virginia Executive Director Kent Willis.  "In this regard, the tendency of the law is to favor majority religions over minority religions, which is strictly forbidden by the free exercise clause of the First Amendment." Mr. Willis is acting as if the state is compelling students to drop to their knees and openly beseech the God of the Bible in prayer during the reserved moment.  The truth is, teachers simply inform students that it is time to observe the minute of silence and the kids may do as they please.  They can pray.  They can daydream. They can look out the window.  They can even catch a catnap. Opposition to this law is nothing but an attempt to control the minds of school-age children in the state.  Apparently the ACLU believes students are not emotionally balanced enough to have a moment of their own in which to meditate, daydream or pray. Virginia officials who support the law say the moment of silence does guarantee students the right to pray at school - if they wish to do so - but the law places no pressure on them to pray or even not to pray. Solicitor General William Hurd noted that the law does not require students to do anything, say anything or hear anything during the brief moment of silence, not does it require them to make any acknowledgment.  The law, he said, simply requires students to remain in their seats, be silent and not distract their classmates. But the ACLU is not having it.  A moment of silence is dangerous in their minds. The ACLU, in its desperate attempt to regulate silence in Virginia schools, has shown just how vindictive and anti-prayer they really are.

--- 9-7-2001 ---

"Catholic Vs Protestant Vs God" (PART 2)

The following article was written by Ken Raggio, and it is very long, but it details "my problems" with Catholicism"

(click HERE to read the article)

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Abortion/StemCell Research

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