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About Matt Floorman

"I have the floor, it's my turn"

Matt (me) has a lot of radical views of our world, especially in the christian world and towards those christian "leaders", who don't seem to be very christian at all. I am not linking myself to any specific church to spare it any pain my voice may cause. Here is a list of FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) which will undoubtedly grow as soon as people discover I exist.

I am opposed to "organized religion" of any kind. God is too, as you will discover if you truly seek to know Him. God desires an intimate relationship, as demonstrated by His Son, Jesus. I believe Jesus is the Only Way to God the Father, and that He paid the price for my sins. I believe Jesus was made flesh through the power of the Holy Spirit, died by crucifixion, was buried and raised to life by God on the third day. I believe in the Holy Spirit, who gives evidence of his presence in one way as the gift of speaking in tongues. I do not believe in limiting the power of God to move in me or others, or to quench the Holy Spirit's moving. I believe in a radical, onfire worship to adore to Loving Creator of our world and our Universe. I am not a Universalist. I believe our worship should be from the heart, not from the funeral parlor chamber music, and thus I oppose it. If that funeral music gets your heart BEATING, then well, ok. That's for you. But God wants us to LIVE in him!



Matt, are you a pastor?

No, I am not.

Matt, are you a PROPHET?

No, and I have never made any claim to be, nor frankly do I think I could ever HANDLE the supposed job description. Besides, there's too many false prophets out there already. I'm not a pastor, a preacher..well, actually, I am preaching somewhat, but not for any church...just the Truth!

Matt, be honest, you're just trying to make a buck off some poor dupes, right?


Matt, by your attitude, I don't think you are really a loving person, let alone a christian,...tell me, are you really a christian?

Yes, I sincerely am. Growing everyday, trying to walk the straight and narrow under my pastor's guidance, learning a little more each and every day.

What is your beef with televangelists?

My beef with televangelists is that they are mostly all fake. Yes, I understand there is a large "ministry", particularly with TBN and Benny Hinn that they are reaching out to all over the world, and I recognize that people are being saved supposedly to Jesus. However in the same aspect I see these same people worshipping Benny Hinn, not Jesus, going to the Benny Hinn crusade to be touched and healed by Benny, not by Jesus. I've been to a crusade of his. I walked out disgusted by this and unchanged. I would counsel these men and women... to clothe themselves in humility (especially the purple hair..Lady, go get some counseling and throw away the makeup) ...literally, and "counsel them to buy gold from Jesus, refined by fire, that you be rich in spirit, and have white garments (spiritually) to clothe you and to keep your shame and nakedness from being seen. Also, that Salve be applied to your eyes, that you see, and no longer be blinded." (Revelation 3:18, Matt's wording, shorthand from King James.)

Matt, when do you think Jesus will come again?

2007 - 2028 is my timepoint. According to the Bible Code, a nuclear bomb is going to explode over Jerusalem in 2007, so I place Christ's Rapture of the church somewhere around there. I also know by fact that there is an asteroid or comet heading to Earth that should be here by 2028, which was in the news back when the movies Armageddon and Deep Impact came out. This could be any of the three in Revelation, the most famous one being Wormwood. Of course let me be the first to remind you that I don't know for sure, I'm only human. Jesus himself said it is not for the Son of Man to know the hour or the day, and that no man knows for sure.

Matt, why the fire against the christian church in general?

My Ire comes from growing up in a church that oppressed me from the time I was born up to REALLY discovering what life in Christ was all about, and finding out that I hadn't even known the Lord, growing up in a church! My desire and my goal is to WAKE UP the slumbering church and reveal the TRUTH which is being hidden from them, no matter what congregation they belong to. I myself grew up in a Pentecostal series of churches, Assemblies of God, and Christian Centers.

--Matt Floorman